Swimming Pool Filter Sand

If you have a Sand Filter for your swimming pool, you have chosen the most popular method to remove contaminates from your pool. Knowing how to operate your swimming pool filter is very important to maintain the highest quality of water purity possible. In order to thoroughly know your sand filter, you will have to know the sand that is used in the filter, and it’s purpose.  You should get a knowledge of the workings of your Multi port valve on your filter if you want the best experience with your pool.

Most all Sand used in swimming pool filters is a Silica blend. Silica Comes from Quartz, and is considered one of the most abundant minerals in the world. Silica is mined all over the word, and has many uses. Silica is the major ingredient in glass, ceramic, and concrete. The blend of silica is dependent upon the end product being manufactured. Generally when mining for Silica or Quartz normal mining equipment and practices are followed. Normal dredge mining or open pit mining is used due to the low level of resource disruption. Once the mining is completed the ecological system for the area returns to normal very quickly.

Although Silica is used in many applications other than swimming pool filters, the grinding of the sand or finish of the silica is what separates the effectiveness for water filtration. Because the silica naturally has round grains, it is ground to have angular grains. It is the angular shape of the grains which allows the silica to trap the contaminates in the water.

Since the silica used in swimming pool filters is easily made, and the impact on the natural surroundings is minimal, you can understand why the cost is lower for a Sand filter system. Availability is also a plus when discussing silica for a filter system, it is manufactured all over America and the World.