Diatomaceous Earth Filter

It is safe to say, of the three available filter systems available for your pool, the Diatomaceous Earth filter system is the most efficient. This type of pool filter system can capture contaminates down to 3 to 5 microns. This is well below what the human eye can see, and also well below the other types of pool filters.

D.E is a very inexpensive powder that is actually Diatoms. These are the microscopic skeletons of ancient sub aquatic creature. If you where able to see these skeletons with the naked eye they would be very similar to a sponge.  This is the reason the D.E. is used as a filter system, the sponge like particles fill up with the contaminates.

The D.E. system uses grids in a filter housing. The grids are coated with the D.E. which is add through the skimmer. This method also uses the D.E. to clean the pipes from the skimmer to the filter. Once the grids in the filter are coated with the D.E. the contaminated particles are collected at a much finer rate than any other system. The grids are also called elements and are usually made of a nylon type material. It is important to know that the D.E. is what actually filters your pool water. If you choose this system to filter you swimming pool, do not operate your pool with out the grids being coated. Without proper coating of the grids, your water quality can suffer greatly.

To clean your D.E. Filter system you will rely upon your pressure gage at the filter housing. When the pressure rises from the 8 to 10 PSI start up pressure, it is time to clean the filter grids, or elements. The grids are very easy to clean, but should be thoroughly done at least twice a year. By back washing the filter system according to manufacturers specifications, the systems uses water being run backwards through the filter to clean the grids. this should be done several times in a row in order to completely clean the grid. At least once a year the filter should be broken down and the grids cleaned. You can do this by soaking in a mild cleaning solution in a trash can.