Back Washing Your Swimming Pool Filter

In order to maintain a proper and healthy water quality for your swimming pool, the most important step is to maintain a proper working condition of the filter system. This is achieved by continuous observation of water pressure to the filter elements, and frequent back washing of the filter system. The importance of this continued process can not be emphasized enough for the efficiency of your pool filter system.

Sand Filters systems should be on a scheduled routine of back washing at least once every four weeks. This allows the sand to stay free of a build up of harmful bacteria. To back wash a sand filter system you should first turn off the pools pump. You should extend the back wash hose to its full length, this to ensure that the contaminated water is released away from the pool. You then rotate the multi-port valve to the back wash position. When the valve is in the back wash position, this allows water to circulate backwards through the filter. This cleans the sand particles of the contaminates from the pool. When the pump is then turned on, the water will discharge through the back wash hose. You should run the pump until the water becomes clear, this should take 1 to 3 minutes. You should then rotate the valve to the rinse position, and run for 15 to 20 seconds. Once these steps have been taken you can rotate the valve back to the filter position and turn on the pump. After the back wash has been done the water pressure on the filter should be back to the normal position. You should also ensure the back wash hose is stored properly and all open valves a closed for the proper operation of the pool filter.

Cartridge Filter systems do not require back washing. This system should be cleaned properly according to the manufacturers specifications. This process often uses high pressure cleaning of the cartridges at least twice a year.

Diatomaceous Earth filter systems should be back washed according to the scheduled maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. To back wash the D.E. filter system you first step should be to turn of the pools pump. You then open any back wash valves or unroll the back wash hose. You should remember to open the breather valve on the filter housing. this is different from back washing  the sand filter system. You the rotate the multi – port valve to the back wash position and turn the pump on.Then run the pump in this position for 1 to 3 minutes or when the water run clear. you then turn the pump off and rotate the valve to the rinse position. Then run the pump for 15 to 20 seconds, this will rinse the filter system thoroughly. Turn the pump off, close the breather valve on the filter housing, then rotate the valve to the filter position and turn the pump on. Make sure you close all back wash valves and roll up the back wash hose.