Swimming Pool Filters

Welcome to the swimming pool filter blog here at BlogSavy, you will be given information about the many different types of swimming pool filters available to you. You will be afforded information on the specific details and information you should pay attention to when purchasing a swimming pool filter. You will have the upper hand when discussing the details of a swimming pool filter when dealing with a swimming pool builder, or retail store sales person. this is the kind of information that is rewarded with money saved in the long run.

It is very important to understand the purpose of a swimming pool filter in order to form an informed opinion on the one that is best for you. Swimming pool filters come in all shapes sizes and colors. There are three main types of swimming pool filters used, cartridge, sand, and Diamateous Earth ( DE ) . The basic function of a swimming pool filter is to clean the contaminates from the water in the pool. Contaminates may enter the swimming pool by air, surface or body. Contaminates like dirt, pollen, leaves, or insects enter the swimming pool by air. Contaminates like dirt, leaves, grass are considered surface contaminates. Such contaminates like body sweat, sun tan lotion, hair products, soap residue from clothing are considered body contaminates. With these types of contaminates able to continuously enter the water of the swimming pool the need for continuous filtering is obvious.

When researching the three types of swimming pool filters we have found that the popularity of the filter is greatly regional. Depending on where you live in the United States can influence the popular type of filter used.  The truth of the matter is all three types work equally well when properly installed, maintained, and proper chemical balance is achieved and maintained. The key, when purchasing a swimming pool filter is that the proper size of the filter to the pool is achieved. A filter too small for the pool will over whelm the filter system, not allowing enough of the contaminates to be filtered. A filter that is to big for the pool will become a waste of energy for your system, and at the end of the day will cost you excess money.